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Finally… The NINJA has arrived. Thanks so much to everyone involved. This marks one year to the day we released OUT COME THE WOLVES. Better get started now so we have something for next year!


That is right! After 3 years the much anticipated short KARATE NINJA will be released on JUNE 21! That is one year to the day we released OUT COME THE WOLVES.

Originally intended as a proof-of-concept for a potential feature film numerous delays in editing and sound production resulted in Karate Ninja being shelved as we worked on other stuff. But after JESUS GARCIA did a such an incredible job on OCTW we dusted it off and he finished it.

We have waited 3 years so what is one more week?


Some more great footage from Karate Ninja Development

Karate Ninja compilation of test footage from Versus Films on Vimeo.

Some time ago we had the pleasure develop a short clip from the film while doing some test runs with a good camera. As you can see here, we pieced together this clip with some previous practice footage.


Behind the scenes

Hey folks! We’ve been real busy getting the trailer put together. Here’s some nice shots from behind the scenes during the shoot. Stay tuned for more updates including the finished trailer!


Amy Spencer of Action Figure costumes preparing Joshua Vinyard for some serious ninja action.

Director W.John Daley consulting with our director of photography Russell Sherman

W John Daley doing some directing

William Cates and Levi McGlathery striking a pose!

First teaser poster

Test footage

Proof of concept artwork

Battlesnake concept artwork

Here is some concept artwork for the Battlesnake logo.